Automation Control Products

KT Controls provide Pro-DAQ Depth Tracker, Pro-LOG Ruggedized All-In-One Gamma System, CEM DAQ, and KT Controls Electronic Drilling Recorder - PRO EDR.

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Our team provides a comprehensive and accurate design for control automation systems with ultimate customer satisfaction.  Your automation commission will be efficient and well managed with our technical documentation.

  • Drawworks Control
  • Rig Controls
  • Compressors
  • Cementers
  • Stimulation Equipment
KT Controls

Data Acquisition

Pro-DAQ Depth Tracker

Depth Data to WITS output works with any wellsite logging system. It consists of one ruggedized surface enclosure for the entire depth system.

All calibration and setting adjustments are made on a touchscreen.

KT Controls

Pro-LOG Ruggedized All-In-One Gamma System

A Rugged Pelican Enclosure holds both the depth tracking system and a processor running the Windows-based G-log Gamma System.

KT Controls


KT Controls CemDAQ system provides instruments for process or just the data.
It is a state-of-the-art system with the latest technology.

KT Controls
KT Controls

KT Controls Electronic Drilling Recorder - PRO EDR

KT EDR system utilizes well-known technology such as PLC Controllers and SQL databases. This is CSA approved with Class 1 Div 2 Certification and 100% W.I.T.S. compliant. This recorder can customize the interface to meet user requirements.

The EDR is capable of exchanging real-time data with other service companies at the wellsite using the Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (W.I.T.S.) Protocol. W.I.T.S. is used by gas detectors, directional drillers, underbalanced drilling systems, mud loggers, and others to exchange data with the EDR.

KT Controls


Gamma Log Software (G-LOG)

G-Log is full reporting log software capable of logging any variable from MWD or EDR.

KT Controls